Omran extends its portfolio by providing Consultants, Contactors, and Owners & Operators with integrated services through the promising technology of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

The combination of Architecture Design and the process of BIM empowered Omran ability to deliver sophisticated design services. Sensing the benefits of BIM inspired Omran to extend its BIM capabilities by introducing o BIM Solutions as its subsidiary for Engineering Technology Offerings.

o BIM Solutions, subsidiary of Omran, provides BIM services, through its professional and educated team. Our team of professionals has combined skills set, which drive the team to be unique and competent. Our capabilities involve variety of BIM solutions, and we are fully aware of international Standards and Guidelines, such as BS1192, and AIA.

The BIM team involves skilled and key team players, , in addition to international experience. They possess history of success on implementing BIM in major projects in the Gulf, and the Middle East.

As the Market is getting more mature about BIM process, o BIM Solutions is advancing the implementation of the BIM by providing the following services:

Our team is trained on various BIM software and solutions, to deliver high quality and accurate BIMs. We believe that each software has its weaknesses and advantages; therefore to get the best out of BIM the team is capable to use the best software for each purpose. The team relay on international standards to create and deliver the model. The company has proven record of success. Our main success factor is quality, which has been a remarkable skill of Omran team and its subsidiaries. COORDINATION BIM EXECUTION PLAN BIM IMPLEMENTATION & CONSULTANCY 4D & 5D SERVICES
Coordination between all the disciplines is a key benefit of BIM. Key success of coordination is having in place the right process map. Many software are available for coordinating, however, careful planning is the key. O BIM Solutions team has successfully contributed in the coordination of multiple major projects in the region. Putting in consideration that the quality of coordination cut the overall project cost tremendously, our team follow a carefully designed coordination process and checklists. BIM EXECUTION PLAN BIM IMPLEMENTATION & CONSULTANCY 4D & 5D SERVICES
“If you have it right you get it right” This phrase fully applies to the BIM Execution Plan. Key Success Factor is to have the right execution plan in place. Following international standards, the team is capable to design customized BIM Execution Plan, to help your team implementing BIM smoothly. BIM IMPLEMENTATION & CONSULTANCY 4D & 5D SERVICES
Upgrading from traditional process to BIM process is a transformation and not just a change. Relaying on professionals and experts is a must. O BIM Solutions, partner with the client via its Implementation and consultancy services, to assist them crossing all the barriers and land safely on BIM platforms.
All the specifications for the sophisticated projects consider 4D & 5D services as one of the main requirements. Our offering doesn’t only include developing 4D and 5D models. We also add the power of animation to the models to provide a high quality deliverables. Providing your client with Planned vs. Actual 4D based reports is not anymore considered as plus; It is a requirement. O BIM Solutions team will utilize their experience to assist you in delivering this requirement to the highest professional level.