The Lima art museum new contemporary art wing must be a new museum model, not just like any other addition to a museum has been before. This proposal is an iconic Lost City of Art, a sustainable architecture that is more than a land mark, it is a place which invites the visitors and the community to meet in art and history. Our purpose was to realize a permeable space, a place for gatherings, meetings exchange, in other ways "piazza", a modular space to transform it into a place for conceptual debate. Beyond he symbolic and urban values, it seems correct, for a city like LIMA, to create an outdoor space for art and culture. A place where socializing is encouraged, a place to share together with the other public spaces of the city

Location: Mali - Peru
Project completion: 2016 design phase
Cost usd: 12,000,000
Site area: 2250 sqm
Total built up area: 6750 sqm
No of stories: 3
Building height: -
Market: Cultural , Entertainment, Art
Service: planning, urban, landscape, architecture, interior design
Client: Mali Museum