Visualized as an icon and cultural landmark, THE HUB complex is designed creating a vibrant, permeable urban center enhancing the offline shopping culture for people. The project houses of a mixture of residential, commercial, leisure, and public spaces interspersed with joyful colored elements as the sky walking corridors, graffiti walls and colored screens. The commercial complex is integrated with the adjacent plaza through the ascending terraces of outdoor retail shops overlooking the dramatic landscape. The masses provide entry gateways and break out points that reveal the soft edge of the building where consumers could obtain a more intuitive understanding of the products and brands. The facade design balances between the desire of the client to create a unique striking shopping complex and the restrictive architectural conditions in this area. The colorful façade design creates an energetic entrance to the shopping zone reflecting of the deep seasonal colors of its surroundings.

Location: alalmein - Egypt
Project completion: 2019 design phase
Site area: 7200 m2
Market: retail
Service: landscape,
architecture, interior design
Client: al almein for trade and construction co