The International High School in the Al Khobar City,KSA, is a visionary example of a higher education level standards for the Khobar City. On an area of 10, 0000 square meters, the ISG provides a superior learning standards and facilities. The ISG School is an urban community incorporating the school, a number of facilities, and residential units. The High school is divided across three cycles, each portraying a different age group. Each cycle constitutes its own facilities that include an indoor gym and fitness center, a central library and an auditorium. Internal courtyards in the buildings provide a green space within the schools interior that creates a more sustainable learning environment. The classrooms are divided on the cycle's two level plans. The building minimalistic and modern facade present a symbol of higher level education standards. The use of Glass and louvers provide ambient and well-lit interiors that decrease the building overall energy consumption. The school's landscape is ingeniously integrated with the building creating a harmonious balance between building and landscape. The Site facilities of the school include a basketball court, a football court and a swimming pool building.

Location: Khobar - KSA
Project completion: 2013 design phase
Cost usd: 30,000,000
Site area: 22750 m2
Total built up area: 50,000
No of stories: G+3
Building height: 16 m
Market: Educational
Service: landscape, architecture, interior design
Client: Representative Mr.M.Al Dossary.