An office building located in Khobar KSA. The business complex is composed of shared facilities , two basement floors , a ground floor , mezzanine level that holds a cafeteria and prayer room and 10 floor open office plans that have a flexibility in design to form closed offices. The Al-awali tower is a modern office tower building, with an internal urban garden that serve to provide a green space for the offices, as well as acting as a sustainable factor. The façade is designed to maximize daylight intensity into the internal office space that is precisely calculated to provide maximum efficiency.

Location: Dammam - KSA
Project completion: 2014 design phase
Cost usd: 15,000,000
Site area: 4,500 m2
Total built up area: 18,000
No of stories: 2b+G+m+5
Building height: 25 m
Market: office building
Service: landscape, architecture, interior design, execution drawings (bim).
Client: n/a