The minimalistic approach towards the design of the building attempts to create a contemporary unique piece of architecture that is the modern home. The straight lucid lines that define the facades of the house, combined with the light white materials and transparent glass create an aesthetically pleasing sleek elegant exterior that will complement the soft simple design of the landscape. The entrance area is roofed over by such an extremely projecting angled slab. Like the carports at the entrance to the site, this slab is covered with a silicon layer, which sparkles in sun and moonlight. This surfacing finish was refined as a versatile coating system by the architect in a pain- staking development process. By giving the new building a clean geometry and uniform surfaces, we have created clear references to the surrounding environment.

Location: Port Said - KSA
Project completion: 2016 design phase
Cost usd: 2,000,000
Site area: 800
Total built up area: 1100
No of stories: b+ G+1+R
Building height: 12 m
Market: Residential
Service: landscape, architecture, interior design
Client: Tamara co