The new SOORI Branch is creating an atmosphere of mystique, fantasy and no-holds-barred luxury inspired by Arabic interior design. Few design styles can match Arabic decor's capacity to transform a bland space into an opulent retreat, using layers of color and texture to craft a magical effect. Bold use of color is what stands out most when it comes to Arabian-influenced decorating. The tones are generally earthy, with liberal use of rich reds, golds, ochres and oranges. The walls, floors, furnishings and art - everything contributes deep color to a space.

Location: Alexandria - Egypt
Project completion: 2016 design phase
Cost usd: 75,000
Site area: 120 m2
Total built up area: n/a
No of stories: n/a
Building height: n/a
Market: Retail
Service: interior design
Client: Soori