Visualized as in icon, Al Shatti Plaza complex is designed creating a vibrant, permeable urban mall that houses a mix of retail shops, restaurants and cafeterias interspersed with joyful colored architectural features. A spectacular blend of dramatic platforms and modern tropical architecture comes up with the iconic strip mall “ El Shati Plaza”. Overturning this notion of conventional commercial areas to unique modern plazas by providing modern tropical outdoor terraces capturing the full panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf. The design strikes the delicate balance of architecture and landscape where it respects the surrounding site and urban context creating a welcoming plaza followed by multi-level tropical terraces that increase the building softness. The main design concept elongated the building surfaces to maximize the views to the open sea. The modern tropical mood, the unobstructed views of the landscape, playing with light and shadow, and the natural sustainable materials are the key elements taken into consideration in the design. The design allows the user to experience the integration and beauty between Al Shati Plaza and the surrounding context. This is reflected in the masterful interplay of light, space and selected materials creating a feel of intimacy.The masses provide entry gateways and break out points that reveal the soft edge of the building.

Location: Dammam - KSA
Project completion: 2020 design phase
Site area: 6,000 m2
Market: cultural +retail
Service: planning, urban, landscape,
architecture, interior design