The office is located at the Business Quarter which is a premium business park designed to house global corporations near the port of Dammam, east of Saudi Arabia. The design concept purely portraits the beauty of the industrial theme, which proudly displays the buildings raw materials that many try to conceal. In addition to selecting pieces that are much about function as style. A pop of yellow color was added with the Bina logo being the main inspiration behind it gives the design a more authentic, warm and welcoming vibe. A deconstruction sculpture is strongly showcased at the entrance, that combined with the double height provides a monumental sense of space. With the use of neutral tones, brick and concrete; a highlighted state of equilibrium between minimalism and boldness is achieved. Simple but bold is most surely what defines the design.

Location: Alkohbar - KSA
Project completion: 2019 design phase
Site area: 200 m2
Market: Office
Service: interior design
Client: BINA