The project introduces a new concept for urban living in Riyadh, KSA to provide an open, vibrant and green experience. The project consists of bold architectural shapes, each housing a different use, that come together to form a dynamic and iconic composition. Between the architectural forms, the perspectives and views through the project which are in constant change, the result is a dynamic and energetic space that engages it’s users to become a new heart for Riyadh city. At every corner of the project is a new experience and new feelings are evoked.The design concept targeted to create an optimum sense of place through three design pillars-Meaning of Place-Physical Setting of Place-Activities within the Place.Each pillar of these was achieved through several elements. They are as follows respectively: reaching a meaning of place through creating a spatial organization by distinguished mass composition, function distribution, hard-scape and soft cape patterns and arrangements. Second, complete a physical setting through increasing the relationship between form & function. This was reached through increasing the density of activities, mixing different usages, creating a sense of enclosure by respecting human scale within and outside the building as well as reach to a high permeability from, to & within the site. Increase connectivity between sites surroundings and buildings’ different assigned functions, setting different elements to increase building legibility & achieve different landmarks for the user to pinpoint his journey. In addition, achieve complexity and visual richness by increasing aesthetic quality of building masses & facade articulation. create different Green paths & patches. Third pillars would be achieved through the activity practiced in the site; moderate activity like walking, cycling and shopping, Vigorous activity like the activities undertaken in the recreational zones, skating park and Passive activity found in entertainment zones, cinema halls and car-cinema theater

Location: riyadh - KSA
Project completion: 2018 design phase
Site area: 60,000 m2
Market: cultural +retail
Service: planning, urban, landscape,
architecture, interior design
Client: N/A